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Let"s get together into one big circle
and make our bead life happy and endless!
Here you can find beading classes, kits, customer design,
the rental, restoration, and sell of One of a Kind jewelry.

Hello! And welcome to my Gallery of One of a Kind Art Jewelry. My name is Lana May. I am a professional couturier. For years now I have been designing fashionable clothing for women. While designing I found that is was harder and harder to find art jewelry that would emphasize female’s personality and make woman unique and more attractive. So I became a keen bead-worker. In my designing I use various colored Czech and Japanese, Swarovski, Gem beads to help bring out the beauty of the dress and the woman. Unfortunately pictures of my bead works can not give in full all my love and sincere affection I have put in all my art beading designing. If you would like to know more about the pieces or would like to make a purchase, or take beading classes write my.
Now you have a great opportunity to see all of my bead works and bead works of my students.
Gallery 1: there are bead sets made in various styles.
Gallery 2: contains long beaded necklaces (length 24-28in)
Gallery 3: contains short beaded necklaces (length 15-17in)
Gallery 4: bead sets created using similar beading designs but...
Gallery 5: features bead sets with unusual bead tube weaving.
Gallery 6: beaded necklace design with weaving "Branch".
Gallery 7: big gallery of beaded bracelets and earrings.
Gallery 8: the enlarged fragments of some bead works.
Gallery 9: bead necklaces made of Swarovski and natural pearl.
Gallery14: beaded necklaces with focal silver fragments.
Furthermore, I have students who take my beading classes.
In Gallery 10,11,12, 13 I combined a number of beaded works accomplished by them. Are you interested to take beading classes? Do write me.
Also, I encourage you to check out the PHOTOS section where you can visualize the way you can look in place of the models. I can customize the design of your choice and create personalized items in line with your description. I am looking forward to your emails and hope you have enjoyed viewing my beading collection.

You can buy my book here:
Mixed Media Jewelry Techniques
by Lana May & Her Friends. $12.99
This book was written for all of our students; those past, present
and those we will meet.

My patterns are here:

Thank You and enjoy my Gallery.
You can buy my One of a Kind Jewelry at
my ABC Studio:
3227 East Angela Drive, Phoenix, AZ, USA 85032
email me: lanamay(at)
text: (602)748-6207
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