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The greatest compliments that I receive are the referrals of friends and family members.
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February 29, 2004 Dallas and Lana      
July 1, 2014 From Facebook
Diane Dennis:
"From my class at the Bead and Button show with Lana May. The Antique Gold Bracelet was in indeed a challenge and it was so much fun to be really challenged! If you have the opportunity take a class from her!"

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From: Carol Mundy <...>
To: Lana May <...>
Sent: Tue, May 31, 2011 4:24 pm
Subject: Kansan Bead Retreat

Lana May, I apologize for taking so long to tell you how much I enjoyed the retreat with you. Your pieces are AMAZING! I can"t believe how much I like the nieloid bracelet (black and red). it was worth the effort. I have worn my flower necklace and can hardly wait to do it again with different beads! And also the triangle things. Thanks so much for all your help and encouragement. I hope to see you again in Tucson? or somewhere.
Sincerely, Carol Mundy

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From: Susan Blessinger
To: Lana May
Sent: Wed, Mar 31, 2010 9:25 am
Subject: The Bead Society of San Diego County

Dear Lana,
Thank you for your visit and class last week to the Bead Society of San Diego. We were amazed at the high level of craftsmanship and artistry in your beadworks and original designs.
Yours Truly, Susan Blessinger

From: JJIsenhour...
Date: August 19, 2009 1:23:22 PM GMT-04:00
To: erwines...
Subject: Great Lakes Beadworkers Guild. Jeanette and Lana

Hi, Sharon.....
THANK YOU for the photos! Lana in the Lake has got to be the most memorable of all the bead teachers we"ve ever had visit!!! Thank you for befriending her and encouraging us to get her here. She was a delight!

August 19, 2009
What I learned from Lana May"s beaded class
Monday we hosted a class in beaded jewelry weaving at our home.
My wife Sharon announced how the class would work. When Lana May teaches she doesn"t start with a big overview of her projects. She simply asks, "Who is ready to start?" and goes to each table or individual as needed. The entire day was self-paced with expert, personal guidance whenever you needed it. An advantage of this system is if people come late it simply does not matter. Lana just gets them started and moves to someone who needs help at a different place in the pattern. She taught 3 different projects to 15 people all progressing at different speeds. Impressive.
I was amazed to see our living room transformed into a classroom accommodating 15 students and our kitchen transformed into a product showcase for 2 jewelry designers, Lana May ( ) and my wife ( ). Many patterns and kits (products) were sold.
Michael Erwine. Michigan

In August, 2007, I had the pleasure of taking beadweaving classes from Lana May while my husband attended a convention in Phoenix. My skills advanced rapidly under her direction, and we had a lot of fun. Lana even taught me how to make Tvorg, a Russian version of farmer"s cheese, during one of our breaks. In February, 2008, I attended the Tucson bead show, and roomed with Lana May and Tatiana Van Iten - such excitement to room with these two designers! Here is a picture taken by Tatiana, of me (on the left) and Lana, wearing the necklaces we made from Lana"s design "Inverted Crown".
Sharon Erwine Eaton Rapids, Michigan

September 2006

To whom it may concern;
I am the manager of The Bead Museum Store, and I am writing this letter regarding Lana May. She has been a member of the teaching staff at The Bead Museum for over two years now. She has proven to be very talented in her beadwork and is always creating new and challenging techniques in her design work and classes. This keeps students coming back to learn more. She also encourages all of her students to buy beads and supplies from the store. I appreciate her concern and her willingness to help the store does more business. Lana is extremely reliable, trustworthy, and always on time or early. She is a very good teacher and is a very pleasant person to be around. I feel very fortunate to have Lana May, an award winning designer as a Teacher on my staff.

manager of The Bead Museum Store Marlies Hay-William

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From: cvollemaere
Sent: Friday, March 05, 2004 5:30 AM
Subject: Trade Wind Gallery.
Hi Lana,
I enjoyed your bead class at Trade Wind Gallery last Saturday. (I"m the one with light and dark turquoise and red seed beads). So far, I have completed about 12 inches of the strap and I am coming up with a new idea for my center idea. I will send you a picture when it is complete. However, it may take a while as I work full-time. Let me know what other classes you will be teaching.
Cheryl Vollemaere

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From: Holly Matherly <>
To: <>; <>
Sent: Sunday, February 29, 2004 9:13 AM
Subject: Lilac Mist class

"To Dallas and Lana,
Lana May's "Lilac Mist" class was no exception. Tubular netting is a technique that I've been meaning to spend some time with and I'm quite pleased with not only my class samples, but also Lana's suggestions for variations on the technique. I especially liked how much attention Lana paid to each and every student's work. She was never satisfied with, "Oh, I think I've got it." She always asked us "Show me, please." I hope you will continue to schedule her classes regularly.
Overall, I found the class to be challenging and rewarding. I love the embellishment on the edges of the peyote leaf, and the elegant spiral pattern in the tubular netting. Lana's handout was very easy to follow and she was always eager to answer our questions and offer suggestions. I am looking forward to completing the project.
Lana, I will of course send photos of my completed work to you for your website.
With sincere thanks and appreciation,
Holly Matherly"
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