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About Lana May
Lana May My grandmother"s bride"s purse With my son. 1985 My dresses with beads I"m very proud of all my students!
My name is Lana May. I live in Phoenix, AZ. My favorite hobby is beading; you can even call it my life. I think you are going to ask me - 'When did it all start?'
Even when I was a child I admired my grandmother"s bride's purse made of beads, which was really old and was missing a lot beads.
Then as a student in the Technical University I always tried to decorate my blouses by putting beads in the middle of the flowers or putting tassels of beads on the sleeves or my jackets. Sometimes I would just wear Czech necklaces, which were very popular at that time. I was really started to like designing clothe and decided to go to another University of the designs for women clothing and accessories.
Later on working as a designer in my own firm I understood that beads on the evening dresses make it look unique and that it's very hard to find jewelry that would perfectly fit woman's look and character. That's how I came to a conclusion to make jewelry myself and of course make it out of beads, because I really started to like those small, shiny balls.
Three years I worked as a teacher of 'The Art of Bead-craft' in Phoenix School of Excellence, the Learning Institute. You can check out the works of my first level students in Gallery 10, the works of my second and third level students - in Gallery 11 on my web site
Then I worked in Trade Wind Gallery for 5 years. I really enjoy working at The Bead Museum., Creative Destination., Bead it, The Beaderie, "High Desert Bead Society"(Prescott). I gladly teach at my studio too. The works of my adult students are Gallery 12. I"m very proud of all my students!
I received my first degree in mechanical engineering and a second degree in clothing and accessory design, then owned a clothing-design firm and began designing jewelry to wear with my evening wear in Uzbekistan. Now I teach at my home studio, in the Phoenix area, all over USA, German, Italy, Ukraine. I am the winner of contests of Bead Dream, Fire Mountain Gem and Beads, Beaded Earth Jewelry, Rings&Things, and etc. My bead works travel all over the world to International shows, festivals, museums (Japan, France, Italy, Germany, Ukraine, Russia, and fashion weeks in USA). My bead works and patterns published in books, catalogs, and magazines in different countries more 70 times for last 5 years. I wrote the book Mixed Media Jewelry Techniques.
I gladly teach at my studio and visit different states with my workshops. If you like my works, I'll be waiting for your invitation. Write me, ask questions. I'll gladly respond.
Good luck, inspiration, understanding and love to you all!!
Thank you for your time.

See you soon.
Lana May

Phone: 602-748-6207

What do I teach? I teach easy and hard bead weaving. Of course it's a lot easier to start from simple and work your way to the hard part, then it's not going to seem so hard. We can make rings, bracelets, necklaces, ear rings, purses, bouquets, toys, gifts to the holidays: It depends on you. In the course of our class I'll show not only the American beading techniques but Russian, Indian and Egyptian as well. I will have more samples on the day of the workshop. I would like to know how much time you are willing to spend beading in order to decide what projects to teach. Do you want a new project everyday or just one project for the whole visit? How many people are there going to be on my classes? I can simultaneously teach classes for beginners, intermediate and advanced beaders in the same time. I teach classes like that on Tucson Gem and Jewelry show in Arizona, in Phoenix area, and my home studio. I taught the same three levels classes in the same time in Michigan. You can read about it here:

You can choice any projects from my web site ( (for Beginners, Intermediate, and Advanced). And I will have patterns for our lessons, plus I will sell more patterns and kits for your members. I can bring kits to the classes of your choice or you can pick materials yourself. I can email you my catalogs of my kits and patterns for classes and for sell.
Feel free to call me for more information or if you have any questions.
(602)-595-3779 or (602)-748-6207
email: LanaMay(at)
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