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Set "Coils of Fortune"

This work is made in an uncommon style for beads. I made this necklace in a Y-form that you can see displayed on podiums. I will show you on my lesson how to make the complex turnings of the square plait and new Jewelry Design. This necklace is made from carnelian. Carnelian is frequently known as a stone of great spirituality. Egyptian legends say that this precious stone brings success and execution of desires to people. I, like any woman, have a lot of desires. Perhaps, when I wear this necklace, all my desires will come true.

ONE DAY WORKSHOPS. (6-7 hours)
LEVEL: Intermediate/Advanced.
Basic Right-angle weave experience required.
Maximum Class Size: 15-20
Project will not be completed in class.
TECHNIQUE: Right-angle weave, Jewelry Design.


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