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Chandler. The Beaderie.
Open Enrollment: Come any time between 10am to 5pm.
Workshop for all levels:Netting, Tubes, Right-Angle Weave.

Come and work for an hour or two or even spend a day in my workshop.
1. Choose a sample from my works and I will give you the pattern and explain it in details.
2. I can help you finish your projects, work with pictures from a magazine that you find interesting or create a design especially for you.
3. I will help you design a piece of jewelry to decorate that special dress, hat or outfit.
4. Bring your beads and I help you to make a special project that will be unique and reflect your personality.
5. Look my galleries, make print liked bead-works and send to me link of this work before my workshop, come to my lessons and we will necessarily make something more interesting.
I will have more samples on the day of the workshop.

What do I teach?
I teach easy and hard bead weaving. Of course its a lot easier to start from simple and work your way to the hard part, then its not going to seem so hard. You can start by doing rings, bracelets, necklaces, earrings, purses, bouquets, toys, gifts to the holidays It depends on you. In the course of our class Ill show not only the American beading techniques but Russian, Indian and Egyptian as well.

Im very proud of all my students.

Call store for more information!!
Phone: 480-899-7555




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