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The Phoenix School of Academic Excellence.
The Learning Institute.
Bead Programs.
Bead - craft is it ART.
On the first lesson.

Bead-crafting is difficult, but interesting.

The program includes watching the videos about production of beads of different styles, about growing natural pearl, about using beads in the clothes of people from different countries.

Articles about the history of bead crafting, the bead-shows in the US, and about any news in this field.

In the bead-museum the students were thought about the evolution of bead-crafting starting from the Stone Age.

In the museum students were introduced to the modern styles of bead-crafting.

In the museum students were trieng to make bracelets from different kind of beads.

On the bead-exhibition students learn interesting bead-works.

Teacher is helping students to choose beads for their projects in Trade Wind Gallery .

Did you see that?

The present for mother.

It all has been done in 23 lessons!!

I have an idea!!

Very difficult pattern.

Dad! That was a difficult pattern, but I figured it out! Beautiful, isn"t it?

Parents are amazed with the work of their children.

Grandmothers are proud of their granddaughters.

It feels real good to show your work to your friends.

Students like to demonstrate their works.

I did this one myself.

That necklace was made by all students. Every student did an inch, is was a gift for Ms Ferrini.

Semester is over, now we can take break.

You coud look up that students" bead-works here

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